Ayo Villum Krogh.



Ayo Villum Krogh.

Ik Vraag

Project made at the Willem de Kooning Academy in collaboration with Renate Boere.


‘Ik vraag u iets meer lef te tonen’ is a hybrid publication told through a journalistic novel written by Renate Boere. The book encourage you to have more guts and to do something extraordinary. To stand out of the crowd and to startle.

The printed book is the main conveyor of content of the publication while the digital part is functioning as an expansion and for further exploration of links,

photos and a social platform.

This platform will serve as a place where you can

share your own experiences and read and learn

from other readers and designers.


As the main conveyor of content in this publication the book has to stand out. The fore edge is cut diagonally so that the page numbers are visible at all times.

This prevents you from flipping through the book back to front as you normally would when you

pick up a book - a tongue in cheek yet bold guide

to the reading experience.

The book is protected by a dust cover, designed to look and feel like a newspaper.

The idea is to get a feeling of a school textbook. The sensation you get when you reveal the gold printed cover underneath adds to the extraordinary feeling of boldness.


‘Ik vraag u iets meer lef te tonen’ encourage you to have more guts and do something extraordinary. The design of the book does the same.



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Ayo Villum Krogh.

Ayo Villum Krogh is a danish graphic designer with a passion for gifs, instant carma, grids and glitter. Working with her you will get an amazing result connecting the digital and the analog media.


Ayo Villum Krogh

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