Ayo Villum Krogh.



Ayo Villum Krogh.

4022km 815hrs (2017)

Project made at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

The design brief on this project was to visualize data from a chosen subject. I chose to work with the refugee crises.

At first, I wanted to make the refugees individuals.

The biggest problem, if you ask me, with this crisis is that the world talk about the refugees as a mass. It is never by name or something personal.


The media is stripping away the humanity

from these people and that is what I wanted

to work with in this project.

I started working with their portraits and their personal belongings trying to picture them in another way than usual. Unfortunately this methods just made them even more unpersonal. The blurry faces was more scary(but beautiful) than they were informing about the crisis. Moving on and trying something different I started to look at the people fleeing from Syria to Denmark. I found the trip on Google Maps and printed the directions. It is a walk on 4022km and if you walk straight without breaks it will take you 815 hours. This amount of kilometers is the same amount that a pair of regular sneakers walk before we, in the Europe, throw them out. 4000 km is the regular life of a sneaker. How could I materialize this?


I printed the Google directions and made them

into a magazine, printed them again, glued

them together and hung them from the second

floor (25 meters print).

Standing beside the printed directions and looking at the portraits was just a small look into the long journey that these people have to make in the wish of a new life without war and loses. I hope that this crises will be over soon and these people will find a new and welcoming home in a new country or that they will get the possibility to return to their own home and country. This is not a life for anybody, not even your worst enemy.





Size of magazine:


Ayo Villum Krogh.

Ayo Villum Krogh is a danish graphic designer with a passion for gifs, instant carma, grids and glitter. Working with her you will get an amazing result connecting the digital and the analog media.


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